About chargeBIG

chargeBIG is a new, affordable, highly scalable as well as grid-friendly charging infrastructure for the electrification of 18 - 100+ parking lots. The aim is to equip as many parking lots as possible with charging cables and connector plugs instead of just a few for cost reasons.


Due to the dynamic and phase-individual load management, the available power is intelligently distributed to the parked vehicles. chargeBIG is a good solution for fleet operator and parking areas where vehicles are parked for various hours or days. In the chargeBIG system the electric vehicles are usually charged with single-phase charging capacity of 2.3 to 7.2kW. This charging capacity is in most cases sufficient due to the long parking times of vehicles during the day and during the night and due to the fact that the charging capacity of the onboard charger in the vehicle is often also single-phase. In many applications, a vehicle is parked for longer than 4 hours. In addition, in many applications the vehicle is used for daytime commuting, which is on average less than 50 kilometers.


The charging strategy can be defined differently depending on the customer's requirements. Charging power can be evenly distributed, or according to the "first come first serve" strategy, or individual charging points can be prioritized. Charging points with a higher charging capacity of 22kW can be integrated into the chargeBIG system.

For all these applications chargeBIG offers a solution with the goal: charging not as fast as possible, but as fast as necessary!

Instead of installing expensive components at each parking lot, the necessary components (e.g. charging controller, energy measurement, fuses,...) are combined in a central unit and only a fixed cable is installed at the parking lot. A central charging cabinet can control up to 36 charging points. Centralization offers considerable cost advantages not only in production, but also in maintenance. The maintenance cost for the individual charging points is limited to the visual inspection of the charging cable once a year. In comparison to alternative solutions centralization also offers the advantage in terms of communication and IT security. chargeBIG also offers a clear advantage regarding of electric safety. Only when a electric vehicle is connected, a charging point is supplied with power. In cases of vandalism or accidents, there is no danger due to currentless charging points.

The energy management is part of the central charging unit. It coordinates the charging capacity and any other consumers and generators in such a way that the power connection of the property is not overloaded. As a result peak shaving can be realized. The energy management can be integrated in the customer's overall building management system.

In terms of using renewable energy efficiently, daytime charging is necessary. An integrated battery storage system can deliver even more electricity that can be used for charging the electric vehicles. In times of lower electricity demand, the battery storage can be slowly recharged. If a photovoltaic system is available, it can integrated in the charging infrastructure and used to charge electric vehicles and the battery storage.