we enable e-mobility with a plug @ each and every parking spot!

chargeBIG is a Corporate Startup of MAHLE and we are specialized in centralized and scalable charging infrastructure for daytime parking and fleet operators. The charging concept for single-phase AC destination charging with charging power between 2.3 to 7.2 kilowatts comprises a central and intelligent control unit with permanently fixed cables and connector plugs instead of wallboxes at the parking lot. Thanks to the intelligent charging system and design-to-cost approach, there is no need to invest in expanding the network grid, resulting in substantial cost and time savings during the construction of the charging infrastructure. A central control unit distributes the available charging power to the parked vehicles using dynamic and phase-individual load management. chargeBIG responds flexibly to other consumers in the energy network and uses the electric vehicle as a controllable load. This ensures optimal ultilitization of the available power supply.

Our team consists out of ten core team members who are responsible for hardware and software development, sales and marketing, business development and technical services.

Employees of the MAHLE Group of different departments support the chargeBIG team.

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced costs in case of accident and vandalism
  • Increased electrical safety
  • Maximum convenience of the end customer
  • Peak shaving and consideration of electricity tariffs
  • Highly dynamic and phase-individual load management in seconds
  • Combination with battery storage and PV



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